jhead – EXIF JPEG header manipulation tool

jhead is a command line tool to manipulate EXIF headers of JPEG files.  I have used it for months now and it turns out that it is the perfect choice for jobs like that. It is small, fast and easy to use.

A short list what jhead can do:

  • Manipulation of EXIF header in several ways.
  • Renaming pictures.
  • Adjust timestamps in EXIF headers.
  • Using other programs during processing.
  • Do manipulations according to the camera model used (if model name present in EXIF header).
  • And many more…

All those processes can be automated. That makes it easy to deal even with big amounts of images.

A very interesting option is the -cmd<command> option. With this option jhead is able call other programs and use them on the files to be processed. For example, to reduce the quality of several images you can enter:

jhead -cmd "mogrify -quality 80 &i" *.jpg

This line runs jhead on the whole directory tree of photos and reduces the quality of every picture to 80% at the same resolution. You need to install Image Magic because the mogrify program belongs to it. This, of course, works with a lot other image manipulation software as well.

jhead is available for Linux, Windows, OS-X and FreeBSD. It is open source.

Download jhead and get some further information about the program:


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2 Responses to jhead – EXIF JPEG header manipulation tool

  1. Excellent stuff about jhead – EXIF JPEG header manipulation tool! Thanks for sharing.

  2. 4nndee says:

    You are welcome! Thats what the Internet is for, sharing knowledge!

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