Since my last out of the blue Windows crash  (June 2007) I finally decided that it was time for some CHANGE. So I changed to Linux as OS. I tried it years before with Suse 9.X but it would not work for me as I wished to.

At the beginning it was not really easy because there are some differences. But with a little stamina I managed it and afterwards, I can say it was worth the time I spend on it. There are a lot of features Windows user sadly never will discover. Lots of them are just little details, but lots of details also make a difference.

Off course I’m not a professional, but I try to give my best. I want to circulate some of the knowledge I got to other Linux newbies or user, cause you never complete training :-)

My distribution of choice is Debian. It is a little less easy to use than Ubuntu (which is based on Debian) but I like it the way it is